Sunday, October 9, 2011

Small Town Girl

Sometimes going home makes me want to get back to Charlotte almost as quickly as I arrived and other times it is just what I needed.  This weekend was all about family time - relaxing, shopping, good food & conversation, and just enjoying being together.  The weather was perfect and I was a happy girl.  I usually am so thankful that I now live somewhere other than Morganton where there is more to do than go to Wal-Mart.  However, this weekend I realized how much I take for granted the little things about living in a small town.  Here are some things that make me grateful I grew up in Morganton rather than a bigger city.  I feel sorry for the people who may never get to experience these:

1.  Football Friday Night taking over your entire town.  Literally EVERYONE went to the game.  If you didn't you were out of town or really sick.

2.  Small town folks.  People being so nice and willing to help.  Everyone knows everyone.  Sometimes this was the worst thing and sometimes it gives you a sense of comfort.  Friday as we sat at a restaurant and literally every person who walked in the door my family and their friends spoke to them.  Yeah, that doesn't happen in Charlotte.

3.  The thing to do on a Friday was to meet in the parking lot of K-Mart (after the game, of course) and figure out whose house or field we were going to.  This may sound crazy, but it's just a small town thing. 

4.  The river.  I never realized how much I miss running by the river or just being able to sit and watch the it when the wheels are on.  It's so peaceful.

5. The weather.  Living in Morganton is perfect.  The weather in the winter is ideal.  SO much snow!!  I miss it when all we get is ice in Charlotte.

6.  Not having 830991 choices of where to eat or shop.  I love being surrounded by things to do in Charlotte, but sometimes its nice to only have a few options.  Most of the restaurants in Morganton are little gems - few chain restaurants, mostly local people with great food.  Also, there is NO mall within 20 miles.  Going to the mall is a BIG deal.

7. The mountains.  I miss seeing the mountains more than anything.  There is no scenery in Charlotte.  I never realized how special it was to be able to see them everyday when I lived in Motown.  Also, being a quick 35-40 min away from Boone was so great.

8. I don't miss this neccessarily but seeing animals in field like cows and horses was no big deal.  I have cows in my neighborhood.  Being held up on the main roads by a tractor was nothing either.  It was a daily occurance.

9.  The festival.  Everyone in the entire town goes to the festival.  It's another event that  you just do not miss out on.  We had country singers come every year.

10. My family.  When pretty much everyone on your mom and dad's side lives in one city - you kinda can't go anywhere without knowing someone.  I loved being so close to them and having my cousins near me in school.

  Downtown Morganton :)


  1. I love your list! It's all so true.

  2. I could have written all of that because I totally know what you mean... but it wouldn't have sounded as well as you wrote it. Thanks for the mini trip down memory lane that several of these gave me.