Saturday, October 1, 2011

October To Do

With this being a new month... I usually think of that as a new start. A brand new month = new possibilities. So I have put together a little list of 10 things to accomplish or try to work on for the 10th month, October.

1.  Enjoy lots of pumpkin things. It's only here for a small amount of time.

2.  Visit my sister in Raleigh... possibly for the State Fair?

3.  Get serious about doing weights classes. I need to get stronger to support me while I run - stronger muscles means less injuries and who doesn't wanna be toned?

4.  Take a trip to the mountains to enjoy the weather, scenery, and shopping!

5.  Start training for my next half marathon on Nov. 12th.

6.  Find a cute Halloween costume that doesn't scream "look at me because I'm practically naked" like most costumes.

7.  Try to save as much money as possible and only buy what I really need or things that are on sale (and I mean REALLY on sale).

8.  Get more sleep.  Make a bedtime and stick with it.

9.  Cook more/try new recipes and eat out less. Try to eat healthier in general.

10. Find something good in everyday and thank God for it.

1 comment:

  1. love your list & you. miss you. how about coming to the new house one night soon and we can cook?