Monday, January 30, 2012

Who is up for the challenge?

You can say that again... after a recent conversation with a good girlfriend of mine, I saw this quote and thought that just about sums up everything we had talked about.  Why do guys seem to think you will automatically get wasted, go home with them, end up staying the night, and well, you know the rest?  Because girls do it ALL the time!!  What ever happened to the process of getting to know each other first?  What ever happened to ladies have boundaries?  What ever happened to having "rules"?  I get it... everyone is different, times have changed, and everyone can make their own rules.  BUT, that doesn't mean EVERY girl wants the same thing... I think until we acknowledge what it truly means to be a LADY, we will have to face that we won't find as many "gentlemen" either. 

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