Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mix It Up

I must admit I am Type A to the extreme.  So what, right?  Well, while this can have its' advantages... it also has many disadvantages.  I often find myself having to perfect everything, I am a naturally competitive, and I don't like the word NO. 

I am currently taking a hiatus from running... my legs (IT band really) doesn't love me.  I am not able to run the distance I am used to without it bothering me.  Since I am stubborn and can't just settle with a very short run I have been not running at all on it and allowing my leg/knee to heal completely.  This is a BIG thing... ususally I run through the pain.  Go ahead... call me an idiot.  The doctor told me that runners are like drug addicts.  They NEED to get their fix. 

Well, I started doing hot yoga when I was really getting into racing.  I had always heard about how great it is from my friend, Jordan, but never really thought it was for me.  NOW... I am addicted.  I go at least twice a week.  I love how it makes me feel.  However, I also think I have to be able to do everything like the people beside me.  You know the ones that have been practicing yoga for 10+ years.  Yeah, there's that competitive thing.  It's been challenging for me to realize I need to focus on what I can do only.

Recently, I have decided to start swimming laps for another cross-training activity.  Ha.... this is a joke.  I haven't swam since middle school.  I purchased my first "adult" Speedo, goggles, and hit the pool.  I have only swam laps 4 times now but I am getting better each time.  I will make that water my friend. 

Lifting weights... I still hate that but I am making myself do it anyway. 

So Kaitlin the cheerleader/dancer... turned into the runner/yogi/swimmer/strength trainer??  WHAT!?

I think the whole point of this rambling post is in everyday life we all compare ourselves with each other.  This person can do this so we automatically think we should be able to as well... I think focusing on being healthy and happy to have each day is the most important.  Listen to your body... exercise for FUN.  Find something you LIKE to do... it shouldn't be a struggle.  You should ENJOY your workout.  I get it... this is random.  I am rambling... just something I am passionate about remembering this year.  My other "NY Resolution" - workout for fun, love each and every workout, and be thankful my body allows me to exercise.

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