Friday, August 12, 2011

The College Days

Tomorrow I am moving my little sister into college.  I still remember walking into Holshouser at UNCC 5 years ago with so many emotions.  I was SO excited yet very nervous and scared to be on my own.  I remember being with Courtney (who I felt like I had known forever) that day while we tried to make that little dorm room our home full of black and hot pink everything.  I also remember the emotional goodbye to my family and watching my dad cry for probably the 2nd time in my whole life.  Courtney and I met up with new and old friends that night, including one of my current best friends - Jordan. 

Tonight I am going to visit Maggie.  She was one of the people who helped me transition into college the most.  It's also kind of ironic that I will be helping Keri move then heading to Courtney's engagement party tomorrow afternoon.  Where does the time go?  When did I get old enough to be attending this stuff?

I am thrilled for my sister, yet scared out of my mind thinking about some of the stupid things I did when I a freshman.  Oh well, she has to learn somehow. haha.  Freshman year was by far the best... meeting new people, joining my sorority, frat parties, being independent; I wouldn't change a thing.  So here's a little trip down memory lane:  freshman year of college style.  Some of these are quite funny (especially the fact that I loved some kissy face).


  1. Haha omg! Why did we think some of these things were ok? I'm embarrassed.

  2. I second Jordan! Ha. Ohhh man... those were the days!