Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School's IN

Tonight it finally clicked.  I was out to dinner with my new team of teachers and I realized I start working TOMORROW.  Where in the world did summer go?  I have been so busy trying to find a job, I didn't actually think about having to go to it. ha.  Tomorrow I will begin my first day at OP.  It's only a workday, but I am excited to meet everyone and have a fresh start to the year.  It's so nice to be at a new school with a new room, new grade, new team, new coworkers, new everything.  When I saw that class roster of 24 new students, I was so thrilled.  There's something out that list of names that just makes you smile if you are a teacher.  Even though I know nothing about any of those students I wonder about them - what they are like, if I will have an impact on them, if they will learn a lot from me.  I am looking forward to the year.  Time to get back in Ms. Carswell mode.  Wish me luck!!  Pictures to come!

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