Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog?

I have contemplated starting one of these for quite awhile.  I kind of thought I just did not have anything interesting to talk about.  Recently I have seen how several of my friends have posted inspiring messages that really make me feel better at a certain moment.  So I thought, WHY NOT?  I can be a blogger.  I will give it a try.  Sometimes you're a leader and sometimes you're a follower... in this case I have become a definite follower.  Now maybe you'll "follow" me.

The next step was to think of a name.  This is actually a hard task.  I asked several of my friends what they thought might be a good one.  I asked them to recall something that I do or say that makes me unique.  Two of my dearest friends (thanks Maggie & Sara) both told me I say "you know what I mean?" after every statement or story.  I guess it's one of those bad habits you don't know you do unless someone points it out.  I have no idea how it started but I guess I just really like to make sure people understand me?  So here is my attempt to tell you and the rest of the people who might read this what I really mean.  To new beginnings and new blogs...

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