Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some Like It HOT

Last night I went to my usual Tuesday night hot yoga class.  I walked into the room with my yoga neccessities thinking it would be like any other class, but I quickly realized it was going to be different.  The instructor said we were going to be practicing horizontal yoga. My thoughts were "Oh, great! I am finally getting used to this and learning all the random foreign words and now I am about to look like an idiot again." But she went on to explain that we were doing everything like normal but with our mats facing the window instead of the mirror.  She said, "This will give you a new perspective.  Sometimes in life we get so set on our ways that we don't try new things or try to better ourselves.  This will allow you to do that here and I challenge you to look at something in your life from a new perspective."  Yoga is deep, huh?

I went through the class sweating like a man, but thinking about how right she was.  I saw certain things I was doing wrong in my postures that I could not see before. I saw how I should be correcting something with the way my body was positioned just from looking at it in a new way. I realized that despite the 107 degree temp in the room, I wasn't thinking about how I felt like I was about die of a heat stroke.  Instead, I was loving the cleanse.  (I also saw this beautiful guy in front of me the whole time and occasionally had trouble concentrating on things other than him. BUT that is besides the point ha.)

Now it is up to me to see that my past experiences have happened for a reason and any future opportunities I need to go into with an open mind and a positive outlook.  I am one that likes routine.  I like doing things out of habit, but trying new things or thinking about why certain things in your life are the way they are can make a huge difference.  Sometimes all you need if a new perspective.

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