Saturday, August 6, 2011


I have never really enjoyed reading.  I am not one of those normal people who reads for pleasure.  I usually read only in the summer when I need something to pass the time while I bake in the sun.  I have finished TWO books now - yes, actually from beginning to end read the WHOLE thing. 

The first, Heaven is for Real, was an easy read that I really enjoyed.  It was amazing to read about this little boy's experiences when he died and went to heaven.  Then he was revived and able to share what he saw with his family.  It will give you chills! 



I just finished Always Something There To Remind Me.  I have always enjoyed Emily Giffin's novels and this author writes alot like her.  She is a little more raunchy, but who doesn't love a trashy love story?  This book is very good and makes you really think about true love.

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