Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He Listens

Let me tell you soomething about the big man upstairs... you talk, you do what he asks of you, then he listens and he helps/provides you with what you need.  I am so glad the big guy and I are friends.  This year he has proven to me that he wants to listen, he wants to help, and he wants to show me his love.  He got me out of a bad situation and into a great one.  I am so excited that I am able to stay at the school I currently work at for the remainder of the year.  As of Monday, I have a NEW part-time job since the other teacher will be returning - yeah, I freaked about the part-time thing too.  Part-time means PART of the pay... but it seems as though things are falling into place.  I have had more babysitting, tutoring, and other job requests/offers all in the past TWO days than in the past TWO months.  Thank you Lord for listening, helping, providing, and loving me.

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