Monday, November 28, 2011

Things That Make Me ME

So as I was reading one of those "20 Things You Don't Know About Me" articles in People the other day... it got me thinking.  What would I put on there if I actually became famous one day? ha.  What are weird things that make me strange or unique?  The list began... (most of you will probably know these).

1. I hate coffee, red wine, and beer.
2. I eat some form of chocolate almost every day.  And graham crackers after dinner.  Weird, I know.
3. I only lost 4 baby teeth by myself and the others had to be pulled so I could get braces (6th to 11th grade).  Yes, that's FIVE years people. So yes, I still wear my retainer.
4. I woke up paralyzed from the waist down in 2nd grade and had lots of tests done/spent time at the hospital- doctors still can't determine what happened.
5. I am legally blind and would love to have laser surgery.
6. I had an imaginary friend named Samantha when I was younger.  She was real.  I swear it.
7. I exercise five to six times a week and plan out my daily schedule every Sunday.  Not because I am crazy about looking good, but because I love how it makes me feel mentally and physically.  I love to unwind with a nice, sweaty workout. (If I plan it out and write it down I am less likely to skip.)
8. My favorite vacation spot is Charleston, but I would LOVE to go to Europe one day.
9. I am not an animal person.  Just never liked having a pet and don't care to ever have one again.
10. My parents gave me a promise ring when I was 14 and I am able to still wear it today.  Let's just say, I will be able to wear white at my wedding with no guilt and I am proud of my decision.
11. I may be a teacher, but I do not enjoy reading.
12. I have never tried a cigarette or any type of drug.
13. I have never broken a bone.
14. It takes me 45 minutes to do my hair but only 2 to do my makeup.  Makeup is usually done in the car on the way to work.  oops.
15. I have had 5 speeding tickets.  I am bad about road rage. oops again.
16. I am obsessed with Law & Order: SVU.  I could watch the marathons all day, every day.
17. I sing out loud when I am getting ready, running, and in the car.  It is not pretty.
18. I have a huge bump on my finger from where I use my pencil and need bunion surgery on my feet.  They are so ugly.
19. I love every holiday.  I am like a little kid about them and always get really excited.
20. I am probably the most sentimental person ever.  I have kept every card, note, invitation, award, or momento that I have ever received.  I also love hugs.  I will hug you and you will like it. ha.

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