Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I am thankful for my grandmother, who I call Mamaw.  Hearing her sweet voice or receiving a card from her is always the highlight of my day.  She is such a wonderful grandmother - always giving, there to listen, and spoiling her grandchildren.  She was more like my second mother growing up.  I have only ever known one of my grandmothers so she definitely made up for that.  After losing my grandfather, she had a rough time.  She showed me the impact that people have when they lose their true love.  However, she is a strong woman and has overcome so much.  My grandmother is kind, but ver fiesty when she wants to be.  I think I get that from her?  Also, I used to HATE my round face/cheeks (still kinda do) but I know I got that trait from her and I wouldn't want to take that away.  I am do thankful for such a wonderful grandmother who I continue to grow closer to each day.

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